Home Education

This book is a composed book of love for all who are sensing a CALL to bring their children home. In a nutshell, it's a simple "how to" book of turning our hearts and our children's hearts back to family and back to Christ all the while providing them the education God wants for each of them. Some may say that home education is like living in a bubble. My thought is, "I should hope so!" Inside this bubble of life at home, we learn how to love and how to interact with others. We learn to show compassion. We have time to ponder the natural gifts God bestows on each of us, to consider our life's purpose and how we will make a difference in the world. This journey of life at home with my children has been a real living and breathing experience. The "real" that we have going on under our roof is a great blessing–real relationships, real and deep discussions, real and living literature, real and important questions and answers, and real and exciting plans for the future! This book contains the point of view and experience from the author's life at home with her children. Whether you bring your children home or keep them in school it will help you gather a vision for your child and help you in your parenting skills, inside you will find a Christian point of view, awe-inspiring stories and quotes and many resources for you to help and inspire you.