Our family loves the games and coloring books from trueprinciplesofliberty.com. We have enjoyed valuable discussions as we learn priceless lessons about the 28 principles of liberty from W. Cleon Skousen’s “The 5000 Year Leap”. The learning tools offered here are a great price and are designed for adults and children of all ages! They are a great asset to families who cherish freedom and want to pass that on to the next generation!

- Hubbard Family

This is such an amazing program full of different games and children oriented activities that help your children learn the Constitution. It has taught my kids so much, and they have fun doing it! It has such a creative way to teach the 28 principles through cartoon characters. Try some of it or all of it! You won't regret it, and your kids will thank you for it.

- Annie Hiatt, Utah

Liberty Bingo is a fun game that teaches through play. Combining fun and the game always makes for a good time. By learning these principles, the appreciation for the way our country was set up and founded grows. This creates a stronger country as more people learn and understand the Constitution.

- Lori Hooten

Our family has benefited tremendously from the checkerboard. My children have brought it to game nights with their friends, and it often accompanies us on our drive-in-movie nights. I love hearing my children say, “Revealed Law just jumped Free-Market!” Being able to explain the core beliefs that our country was founded on as each chip exits the game has provoked incredible teaching moments between us and our children, as well as my children and their friends.

- Cassie Deputie

“Our family has absolutely LOVED the products created by Liberty Rings!!!

As parents of 4 teenagers, we felt it was important that they understood the biblical, eternal principles behind the Constitution and this was a great way for them to not only learn these principles but also learn how to apply them in our lives. We have the deck of cards, (and there are several different games we have played using the one deck of cards) we also have the checkers (my son's favorite) as well as the bingo, and the adult coloring books! My daughter is very artistic and she enjoys the adult coloring book. I find the bookmark with the pamphlet supper helpful as we are going through the different games, as well as in my personal study. All made with high quality, bright, beautifully designed symbols and colors to help everyone memorize these critically important principles and provides a fun way to learn and grow in our understanding of these principles found in our divinely inspired Constitution as a family.”

- Tiffany Spence, Texas

My first time playing checkers with my grandma was a unique and entertaining experience. It was especially fun because my grandma had her very own checkers board and pieces. The pieces weren't your average black and red. They each had special constitutional characters on them that made playing so much more enjoyable. I would play my grandma in checkers but also get to memorize and learn about what each constitutional character symbolized. Years later, I still use what I learned from those games in my school work, tests, and assignments. This symbolic checkers game is extremely fun and educational, and I truly believe I got better grades from playing it!

- Landry Townsend, North Carolina